CT-5. 4 Department of Taxation and Finance Request for Six-Month Extension to File New York S Corporation Franchise Tax Return beginning Employer identification number EIN File number Legal name of corporation Business telephone number Mailing name if different from legal name and address Trade name/DBA State or country of incorporation c/o Number and street or PO box City All filers must enter tax period ending Date received for Tax Department use only Date of incorporation ZIP code State...
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Video Transcript - Going to a Removal Hearingin Immigration Court Welcome These video will help you understandthe immigration process and what happens when you get to court When you or someone youknow receives a notice to appear at Immigration Court you may have questions about what itmeans and what will happen This video will help answer these questionsincluding what immigration court is and what will happen at the hearing and why it isso important to attend Before we begin please know that immigrationcases are very complex Even though you are in Immigration Court you may have optionsto stay in the United States If possible seek the help of a skilled immigration lawyeror a representative accredited by the Immigration Court1 What happens in immigration court If you have to go to Immigration Court itmeans Immigration has placed you in removal proceedings or deportation proceedingsAt immigration court you will see many of the same people you see in other courts Thereare judges lawyers clerks security guards and other people waiting for their cases tobe called The government will explain to the ImmigrationJudge why it thinks you should be deported You have the chance to tell the Judge whyyou think the government is wrong The Judge then decides whether you must leave the UnitedStates You will likely have more than one hearing before your case is over2 How do I know I have to go to Immigration CourtYou need to go to Immigration Court if you receive a Notice to Appear The Noticeto Appear lists the reasons why the government believes you are deportable from the UnitedStates Sometimes the Notice also lists the date place and time of your hearingIf no date and time are listed on the Notice then you will receive a second letter withthe date time and place of your hearing Each of these papers includes your Alien numberwhich is an 8- or 9-digit number beginning with the letter A This number willappear on any papers you receive from the court; it is how the court keeps track ofyour case It is the same number used by the Immigration Service The Immigration Serviceis known as United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS USCIS handlesrequests of non-citizens to stay in the United StatesIf you lost your hearing notice or are not sure whether you received one you can callthe Immigration Court hotline at 800-898-7180 This is an automated system with options inEnglish and Spanish Key in your Alien number at the prompt and it will list your nexthearing date and time In Illinois the immigration court is locatedin Chicago at 525 West Van Buren Street Suite 500It is extremely important to go to court for your hearing If you do not the judge canorder you deported automatically and you lose the right to try to stay in the UnitedStates 3 Will I be arrested if I go to ImmigrationCourt You will not be arrested at the hearing andyou will be able to return home to your family that day Most of the time it takes morethan one hearing and at least a few months to...